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Beroe is a leading provider of procurement intelligence and supplier compliance solutions, with service offerings used by roughly 400 of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide. They came to Handsome to stay ahead of the curve in procurement intelligence products and experiences.

I worked on the next-generation of the Beroe LiVE platform, which aims to connect procurement professionals and suppliers on a global scale. Our team conducted large-scale generative research with users worldwide to deeply understand the needs of procurement professionals. Ultimately, we presented a set of key screens outlining a new and improved experience for procurement and a roadmap for engaging the suppliers with enticing business development features.

Beroe Live Dashboard
Beroe Live BeroeBot
Beroe Live Compare Suppliers
Beroe Live Supplier Profile
Beroe Live Dashboard Exploration
Beroe Live BeroeBot Exploration
Beroe Live Compare Suppliers
Beroe Live Dashboard Exploration Dark
Beroe Live Dashboard Exploration Light
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